Thursday, 27 October 2011

Just Let It Go ~

Assalamualaikum (:

Pheew ~ I would be lying if I say that I'm not sad .
I used my own money , you know .
And it is my favourite drink !
Erghh ~

The story begins like this ...

Anis wants me to accompany her to buy some meats at MARA .
At first , I don't want to follow her because i'm tired . I just got back from training ., you see ~
About five minutes later , I change my mind .
I'm going to follow her because I want to take some book from Aqilah .

Then , 30 minutes later , we went to MARA .
I buy my favourite drink , NutriGen (:
After finish shopping there , we went to Aqilah's house to take the books .
We left our  stuffs in Anis's basket . We thought it will be safe there .
But it's not !

After taking the books , we went down because we want to go home already .
Then , we see Anis's basket was empty !
OMG ! Who take our stuffs ? Grr~
Yahh ~ I've spend RM4.20 for that thing , you see !
 Not that expensive actually .
But I used my own money !
Erghh ~

Then , I thought "Maybe Allah wants to give us something bigger " .
So I just let it go ~
But I'm still mad !
My NutriGen ! :(

I'm going now ~
Still Mad !

Assalamualaikum .

All Outstanding ' L I K E ' (:

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