Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Trip to Geology Museum and Mydin Meru Raya

Assalamaulaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh :D
How are you today . I hope you are in the pink of health :D (macam ayat essay BI :DD)

Okay , today I want to tell you a story of mine.
Yesterday , my school organized a trip to Muzium Geologi and Mydin Meru Raya for Form 3 students.
At first , I thought that trip would sucks.

But it's not ! I have so much fun yesterday.
First , we went to Geologi Museum.
I'm actually kind of  love to learn about minerals and stuff in science , so I used the chance to look at the minerals carefully.
AIhamdulillah , I got to see many types of minerals . Ruby , Gold , Sapphire , Stalagmite , Stalagcite and more.
It really makes me happy :D

Then , we went to Mydin Meru Raya .
Hey , it has been ages since I went to that place with my family (so hiperbola)
Now that place have so many changes. I like I like :D

Firstly , we went to eat at MarryBrown a.k.a MB.
Alhadulillah ,there are no customers at that time , so we received our order really quick.

Finish eating , we walk around the mall .
The people there stared at us .
At first , we don't get it . Why were they stare at us ?

Not long after that , we found Arifah and Farda .
They say , we look like a delinquent that escaping from school.
Ooo ~ that's why they stare at us . We laugh about that.

Then , we went to play bowling .
Huish , it's been a long time since I last play bowling .
It kinda make me nervous . Kekeke ~

First throw (?) , Alhamdulillah , not bad .
Next throw until the game ended , Allahuakbar , all of the ball went into the longkang ! =.=
That doesn't matter because I have so much fun :D

Then , we went back to school .
Thanks to Asilah and all my friends , I have so much fun at that day :D

Arigatou ne , friends :D

Okay , that's all for today.
I'm going first .
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh :D

All Outstanding ' L I K E ' (:

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